My name is Booby, I’m a cosplayer. Follow me in my adventure

Features & Prices

Smart Contract

100% Smart contract on Elrond blockchain


Each Booby will be able to evolve


Some Boobies will have animated NFT (Phase3)

Random distribution

The distribution is randomly provided by a smart contract

Reward & Airdrop

Reward & airdrop for the holders


Low royalties, only 5% for secondary sale


Mint your Booby and be prepared to upgrade them with the various card distributors to come.
With the smart contract, you will be able to get a unique Booby with a specific card.
The first card available, will allow you to get your Booby in a bikini-like beach outfit.
The starting boobies have many surprises in store for you, but we won’t reveal them all just yet. Don’t miss the opportunity to mint the starter edition.

Phase 1 : The Beginning

  • Presale of 100 Boobies for allowed persons
  • Sale of the remaining 900 Boobies to the public

Phase 2 : Summer Break

  • Putting the summer card on sale from the distributor
  • Activation of the smart contract for the swap of the card and the initial Boobies against the special Summer Break Boobies

Phase 3 : Rocket Boobs & Animation

  • Clue in the title
  • Animation of Booby

Phase 4 : Boo-Hoo & more

  • Let’s keep some mystery

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get whitelisted ?

You can get whitelisted by participating in the contests that take place on Twitter and staying active and help others inside our community.

What is the mint price?

Public Sale 0.6 $eGLD

How does the distributor work?

With your Boobie NFT and your card obtained from the distributor, you will be able to exchange these two items for a specific Boobie NFT via a smart contract. This action will be reversible.

How much will the royalties be for NFTs?

The royalty for Booby NFTs will be 5%.

Why isn't my new NFT visible in my wallet ?

After completing your order, our smart contract transfers the NFTs to your wallet, this transaction may take a few seconds to complete. Contact us if you have any doubt

How do I get a Booby?

1. Download and install Maiar

Download and create your Maiar account

2. Buy some EGLD

You need to have EGLD in your wallet

3. Start buying Boobies

Click on “Mint”. Log in using the methods from above. Select the amount of NFTs you want to Mint. Confirm your purchase